Docker is organizing a 24 hour hackathon the weekend before DockerCon US 2015. The prize for the winners is a ticket for DockerCon and a chance to present their project during the conference.

As a Team of 5 to 10 hackers you will hack on a project using Docker as the central piece.


You will have exactly 24 hours to complete this project. These 24 hours include the time to create all materials needed for your presentation.


At the end of the 24h, you will have 3 minutes to present your project.


It is not allowed to start the project before the hackathon. However, we encourage you to think of the idea before coming to the hackathon.


Even-though it is better to know about Docker before joining the hackathon, anyone can join in & participate.


Out of the 10 teams presenting, we’ll reward the top 3 with the following prizes:

  • 1st prize:
    • Each member of the winning team will receive a ticket to DockerCon 2015 (an $899 value) a chance to present their project.
  • 2nd prize:
    • Each member of the team ending in 2nd position will receive a free Docker Hub micro plan for a year and complete Docker swag package including a Docker hoodie, t-shirt, mug and stickers!
  • 3rd prize:
    • Each member of the team ending in 3rd position will receive a complete Docker swag package including a Docker hoodie, t-shirt, mug and stickers!


The hackathon will take place at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis, 780 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94103, where DockerCon will also be taking place. During the event, several Docker employees will be there to answer technical questions and help you with using and tuning your Docker project.


Saturday. June 20th

  • 9:30am PST: Doors open and Breakfast
  • 10:00am: Opening words from Docker team and Docker 101
  • 10:30am: Form teams and find your hack ideas
  • 11:30am: Start hacking!

Sunday, June 21st

  • 11:30am PDT: Stop Hacking!
  • 12:30 am PDT: Lunch and presentations begin
  • 13:30pm PDT: Street fighter and Hackathon Winners announced

Senior Code Monkey

By: Wayne Ye

Need help with:

Python JavaScript Ruby

A geek's life immerses in computer technologies, I speak C#, JavaScript, Ruby, C and HTML5, I work on .NET, RoR, nodejs, and I hack with Vim :) Contact

Docker for iOS Dev

By jkingyens

Need help with:

node.js docker iOS

It would be great if I could you the "docker build/run/push" commands I know and love to build, run and push iOS apps. This would be a daemon that runs on OSX and is compatible with the remote API (so vanilla docker client can be used). When a build context comes in, it runs the xcode tools to compile the iOS app. The post-build image would have all of the build artifacts, including the signed iOS binary in it. It would be great if the iOS binary could be pulled out into its own docker image. I could then "docker push" to send this signed binary to itunes for review. Or I could "docker run" to execute it on a local VM/simulator or device.


Swarm Bench

By snrism

Need help with:

Golang Python Shell Scripting

Inspired by docker bench, the goal of swarm-bench is to identify security issues in a docker native cluster system, draft test suites and cases for the cluster setting (similar to the CIS Docker Benchmark document), and develop a tool to evaluate the security level of a given cluster.


Pollendina PKI

By allingeek

Need help with:

Golang Javascript

Authentication sucks. Managing key material sucks. Pollendina is proper PKI for mutually authenticated TLS in a container centric world of microservices. Provision keys and sign certs at runtime.

github Contact

Security Updates through Docker

By advanderveer

Need help with:

Golang Docker Plugins Security Experts

Cyber crime is on the rise, whether it is Heartbleed or your wordpress 0day sql injection, the users of such software need to be notified as soon as possible. But users can acquire the software through a multitude of channels so keeping them all up-to-date can be challenging. But in the world of containerized applications, Docker can provide a solution. I would like to create a Docker plugin that automatically notifies users of potential security issues in the images they use.

github Contact

A Dockerfile seems like a pancake?

By AYANO Tetsuro

Need help with:

UI/UX Javascript

This service provides a editor for making it easier to Dockerfile. Dockerfile itself is overlapping layer as a pancake replace or manage and you can easily to bring from another file. So, one of the layers on a single pancake and make a Dockerfile like cooking sense.

github Contact

Enhanced features for storage API

By wallnerryan

Need help with:

Golang Docker Binaries UI Design Add to compose

The latest PR that landed experimental storage drivers/api into docker allows for provisioning late bound storage options, The options for "enhanced features" on such storage such as size, IO, bandwidth, snapshots etc has not been introduced, would like to work on a hack to introduce at least one or two of these options



By Tigran Bayburtsyan

Need help with:

Golang Node.js C

It is easy to bring 1000s of containers up and running, but it's very hard to configure networking for that amount of containers and write 100s of Bash scripts to control Docker containers at scale. To solve that problem I'm planning to create programmable future for scaling Docker containers without any problems based on project, which is already solved networking problem for Docker containers at scale. It will allow program logic of Docker containers infrastructure using Python or Ruby programming languages. Contact

The Phedds - The Phenomenal Docker Demos

By mjbright

Need help with:

UI/UX (esp. D3.js) fun ideas basic command-line stuff

Let's build the ultimate docker demo, viewable in a browser with pluggable panes which could be

  • command-line
  • graphical resource or "inspect" views
  • dashboard (e.g.Seagull or Kitematic).

The goal is to enable functional, snazzy, fun demos of your favourite container techno !

Demo scenarii could be each of:

  • Basic cmd-line pane plus rich GUI views of Docker file system and other resources
  • multi-frame demo of a multi-tier or load-balanced scenario with separate performance pane
  • a bunch of snazzy GUI demos (D3 demos, Jupyter, ... )

Please see my blog post for some mockups of what this could look like ... Contact

docker run --net=vlan

By oshima, hisaharu, naotoy

We will implement the VLAN driver in libnetwork! Docker is not popular yet in the enterprise systems. Especially there are many barriers in migration from legacy environments to containers. Why? Current Docker doesn't have necessary functions for them. For example, VLAN is be widely used in many cases. However current Docker networking cannot set up about VLAN. In this project, We will make the VLAN extension for the Docker networking to make Docker more popular in the enterprise systems.

github Contact

Compose Export

By mariolet

A tool to transform compose yml files into descriptors for the tools we use in production: mesos, kubernetes, fleet, sh etc...

github Contact


By DockSweeper

Need help with:

Golang System Design

Create a simulation tool that can inject system failure in multi-container setup to help design for these scenarios (think chaos monkey + docker).


Image Updater

By LatestMe

Need help with:

Golang UI Shell Scripting

Get security updates for your running containers by automatically deploying latest images.

github Contact

On-Demand VPN

By Shamiq

Need help with:

UI VPN Servers

Using Docker as an engine, we'll provide users with a cloud-based on-demand VPN service. As simple as "VPN UP" and "VPN CONNECT" to get you up and running with a secure connection from where ever you are!


Riak Container

By bparanj

Need help with:


It is difficult to install Riak. Create a container with Riak and allow developers to learn the basics through a browser. Contact

SPADOCK - Network Analysis with Spark Streaming using Docker containers

By Nitin - Tanu

Need help with:


Our application presents a whole new ecosystem for Big Data analysis by combining the strengths of Apache Spark, HDFS and Docker. We eliminate the need for virtual machines and implement a complex social analysis data model using Docker containers instead. This is expected to improve performance and solve most of the big data problems encountered. Also we plan on implementing certain APIs and capitalize on the machine learning and GraphX libraries of Spark to enhance performance and make complex computations and delays due to munging data a thing of the past.

github Contact

One Click Gaming

By mrlamroger

Need help with:

Ruby Digital Ocean Golang Docker UI/UX

Build a place where gamers can setup hosted game servers with one click. Will most likely use DigitalOcean and Ruby. Haven't decided on a web framework. Will start with CS:GO and also support Minecraft, Mumble, and Teamspeak if we have time.

Project Link Contact

Sponsored By

Rancher Labs is excited to sponsor this year’s Hackathon at DockerCon, and we can’t wait to meet everyone in San Francisco. A troop of our engineers have already begun working on some fun new Docker projects running on RancherOS, and we will be happy to answer any questions, and help anyone new to Docker or Rancher.

To learn more about Rancher please visit